You are interested in using microwave in your production process or in your product? Our team of engineers will be happy to support you in the process qualification, design and layout of the optimised microwave system. Feasibility studies, proof of principle, project management, systems engineering up to complete system deliveries and integration into existing systems are our scope.

High power microwave amplifier

In scientific research high power microwave can be used for plasma generation, accelerating particles and other applications. Based on the customer´s requirement we can design and layout a high power microwave system considering the environment in with the system has to operate. Using qualified components from the market we integrate them into a reliable system. Call for details.

X-ray beam modules I

Modern Radiotherapy machines for cancer treatment require precise and efficient x-ray beams. Our task is the continuous optimisation of all submodules and feedback loops in order to continuously improve the quality and the precision of the beam and to provide an efficient beam producing module. Call for details.

X-ray beam modules II

Fast and efficient cargo scanning systems require an efficient x-ray beam. Our task is to provide a complete subsystem for the beam generation. Call for details.

Test stand

For many linac applications the magnetron generator is an efficient option to generate high power for the linac. The understanding of each component in magnetron based beam modules is essential for an optimisation and a reliable system. Consequently we built a test stand and offer now the service to characterise each component in the system and also the system performance. Test stand capabilities PDF

As an independent test house we can provide objective testing and consulting in high power microwave applications.


The following devices are available:

Calorimetric power meter PDF

High power microwave solutions to fulfil specific specifications in time and in high quality are the basis for full customer satisfaction. Efficiency, creativity and lean production enable us being cost effective.

Recent News:

July 2016: AMSAP AG Germany received official permission to emit high energy x-ray radiation. Currently oncologists depend on high energy x- ray radiation as a standard treatment procedure to reduce the risk of recurrent cancers. Additionally Industrial x-ray sources are essential in sterilization, material defect analysis and security activities.

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June 2015: AMSAP receives order for high power generator at 1300 MHz, 10 MW peak and 25 kW average.

September 2015: AMSAP launches the high precision calorimetric power meter. This power meter allows accurate measurements of small and high power absorbed in water. It measures the water flow and the input and output water temperature. The precision of the power measurement is better 2%.