12082119_1692998370931954_557581876_oLed by Dr. Wolfgang Arnold, AMSAP AG was founded in Feb 2014. The mission of this new company is to provide solutions to high power microwave systems requirements. Following his academic certification, Dr. Arnold established AFT microwave in 1993.

As Managing Director, he provided the visionary leadership and technical expertise for his team to advance the state of the art in high power microwave devices and systems. These devices are broadly accepted and used in a wide variety of microwave applications.

This forms the basis for Dr. Arnold’s knowledge and experience in project management, system consulting, testing and verification of high power generators.

Meanwhile key members in different disciplines joined AMSAP forming an efficient team. The AMSAP team is strategically located around the global to provide future support to the international customers.

We emphasis high quality in our work processes and products and continuously work on improvements.  A detailed documentation system supports the traceability of our products and our continuous improvement process

Production, Service and Sales

We produce customer specific and own developed devices and systems in small and larger quantities.

Using standardised modules as basis for our system allows us to produce efficiently systems with a high degree of flexibility. Typical applications for our systems can be

  • Cancer therapy
  • Cargo Inspection
  • Industrial microwave heating applications
  • Fundamental science research

Quality and Safety

Systems of AMSAP are developed and produced to the highest standards of quality and reliability. Our quality management system is will be certified to ISO 9001 soon. We also provide additional quality control methods to meet the specific needs of our customers.

road-21205_640As system integrator AMSAP is a second-line user in the context of REACH 1907/2006. We endeavour to avoid the use of materials classified as dangerous in our products.

AMSAP is committed to the responsible handling of resources and materials for the protection of personnel and the environment. This reduces energy costs, raw material consumption and minimises waste, all of which are beneficial to the environment.

A guarantee for business success.

Creative and flexible team work is the basis for dealing with international customers. In a global market efficiency and high quality of the work processes are the key parameter for meeting the customers requirements.

AMSAP was founded 2014 by Dr. Arnold. The primary mission of the company is to develop and produce customer specific high power microwave pulse generators including specific applicators, e.g. accelerating cavities to produce high energy X-rays for cargo scanning and medical cancer treatment.

Designing a high power microwave system requires a deep understanding of each individual component. Based on this experience we consequently developed a test stand that allows us to individually test all components. For the X-ray cavities we have a special radiation hardened cave in which we can test and characterise our beam according to all medical standards.

Being an independent privately owned company we can offer objective testing of microwave components at various frequencies and power levels.

To achieve this goal we rely on more than 25 year history in high power microwave established in a qualified team of experienced people.

We maintain high quality in our processes and products and continuously work on improvements.  A rigorous documentation system supports adherence to customer technical, contractual and schedule requirements.

Progressive career development

As a small start up company you participate directly on growth and success.

In the moment we have no position vacant.

High power microwave solutions to fulfil specific specifications in time and in high quality are the basis for full customer satisfaction. Efficiency, creativity and lean production enable us being cost effective.

Recent News:

July 2016: AMSAP AG Germany received official permission to emit high energy x-ray radiation. Currently oncologists depend on high energy x- ray radiation as a standard treatment procedure to reduce the risk of recurrent cancers. Additionally Industrial x-ray sources are essential in sterilization, material defect analysis and security activities.

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June 2015: AMSAP receives order for high power generator at 1300 MHz, 10 MW peak and 25 kW average.

September 2015: AMSAP launches the high precision calorimetric power meter. This power meter allows accurate measurements of small and high power absorbed in water. It measures the water flow and the input and output water temperature. The precision of the power measurement is better 2%.