For Immediate Release July 15, 2016

AMSAP AG Germany received official permission to emit high energy x-ray radiation.

Currently oncologists depend on high energy x- ray radiation as a standard treatment procedure to reduce the risk of recurrent cancers. Additionally Industrial x-ray sources are essential in sterilization, material defect analysis and security activities.

These applications have in common the generation of x-ray beams with well-defined energy and propagation properties. AMSAP´s mission is focused on the development, production and optimisation of linear accelerator based beam modules, from the mains to the beam. AMSAP recently applied for several patents improving the performance and reliability of the critical microwave drive network directly contributing to the accelerator systems reliability and stability.

Characterizing and managing the beam requires a special shielded bunker for safety protection.

AMSAP reuses an existing World War II air defence cave establishing all necessary surveillance equipment and infrastructure to ensure absolute safety compliance. This natural bunker provides the basis for an economical and safe solution that supports AMSAP’s business model.

The controlling safety authority in Germany, the TUEV certified the shielding for the cave without constraints. Subsequently the German nuclear regulatory agency (Regierungspräsidium) concluded the AMSAP cave as a certified test bunker for x-ray beams produced by linear accelerators.

AMSAP is now focussing on the continuation of the development and testing of magnetron based accelerators (linacs) producing stable and reliable high quality x-ray sources.

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经过严格的测试及评估,德国安全及标准院(TUEV)向AMSAP 公司颁发高能X射线许可证。







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High power microwave solutions to fulfil specific specifications in time and in high quality are the basis for full customer satisfaction. Efficiency, creativity and lean production enable us being cost effective.

June 2015: AMSAP receives order for high power generator at 1300 MHz, 10 MW peak and 25 kW average.

September 2015: AMSAP launches the high precision calorimetric power meter. This power meter allows accurate measurements of small and high power absorbed in water. It measures the water flow and the input and output water temperature. The precision of the power measurement is better 2%.