AMSAP Beam Modules:

AMSAP was founded 2014. The primary mission of the company is to develop and produce customer specific high power microwave pulse generators including customer specific applicators, e.g. accelerating cavities and power variators to produce high energy X-rays for cargo scanning applications and medical cancer treatment. Designing a high power microwave system requires a deep understanding of each individual component. Based on this experience we consequently developed a test stand that allows us to individually test all components. For the X-ray cavities we have a special radiation hardened bunker in which we can test and characterise our beam according to all relevant standards. Our philosophy is simple and straight forward to customer orientation, high quality of our services and products and always on top of innovation.

Our philosophy is simple and straight forward to customer orientation, high quality of our services and products and to always on top of innovation. Customer orientation
 based on a modular design of smart subsystems, we can offer a flexible customer specific design according to his individual specifications High quality We emphasis high quality in our work processes and products and continuously work on improvements.  A detailed documentation system supports the traceability of our products and our continuous improvement process. Consulting & Service Our team has more than 20 years of experience in high power microwave components. Intensive testing in cooperation with the customer worldwide provides the experience for characterising designing high power microwave systems. Made in Germany Our successful and innovative system solutions are based on the philosophy of providing the best performance and operating conditions in the most cost efficient way. We adhere to customer specifications. In case we identify more efficient systems we consult our customer in possible integration in his overall system. Modern Technology We combine our many years of extensive experience and technical knowledge with the most modern CAD tools, layout technologies and measurement techniques.  On short time schedules, we develop state-of-the art systems with high RF power capability.

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AMSAP – Your professional partner for high power microwave solutions.

Products of AMSAP are developed and produced to the highest standards of quality and reliability.